Audrey Cheng ,The Social Entrepreneur, Cofounder Moringa School

Audrey Cheng ,The Social Entrepreneur, Cofounder Moringa School

Audrey Cheng is one the winners for the prestigious award 2016 Forbes 30 under 30 for outstanding innovation in the social entrepreneurship fields. She is the co-founder of Moringa School which was established two years back. Her dedication, hard work, and determination have taken Moringa School to the present recognisable position.

Last year too Moringa School touched headlines when one of the other co-founders co-founder Frank Tamre when she found a place in the Top 40 under 40 lists of The Business Daily. The Moringa School adapts innovative programs on teaching code and different teaching practices.

Earlier to establishing Moringa School, Audrey Cheng was working with Savannah Fund which is the pioneering technology seed fund and accelerator agency in South Africa. She found out that there are no dependable software developers available. She noticed that she was not the only one who was experiencing this problem.

The acute shortage of software developer in Kenya is a perennial problem. To be more specific, the coders were in dire short supply for developers. A survey in 2011 survey established that fact. Kenya, that majority of employers faced same problems. If at all the developers managed to find a coder that turned out to be expensive.

That is the reason that many Kenyan companies had to outsource work to India, Eastern Europe, etc. To her astonishment, she found that Kenyan Universities are not well equipped to turn out good developers and coders.

Having diagnosed the cause that Kenyan Universities are not imparting the needed skills she joined hands with Frank Tamre, to solve her problem. That is the birth of Moringa School. The unemployment rate also has come down drastically.

With the help of world-class faculty, Moringa School is creating good developers and coders in Africa. World Bank has chosen Moringa School to be their coding partners.


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